Eifel-Wilderness solo

A wilderness solo is a contemporary translation of the ancient ritual of the vision quest, which was held in all corners of the world. Originally it was a rite of passage from youth to adulthood. Youngsters left their community on a search for vision for this life, their gift to their people. 

Before and after your actual solo we spend time together in base camp with the group to prepare and integrate. During the solo you are alone on the land; you spend three days and three nights on the spot of your choice. Impulses and distractions from the outside are limited as much as possible. In your backpack you will take nothing more than what is absolutely necessary. To give yourself the chance to fully be. To experience what happens when you leave everything that is familiar to you behind and move from the domestic to the wild?

A solo can be done at any given time. However the most suitable moments are during crucial periods in your life. Maybe you have arrived at a point of transformation, want to mark the transition from one life stage into another, or look for vision and soul in your personal or professional life. Maybe you just want to empty yourself, sit and listen.

Come and find out what happens when you choose to take a step back, to consciously be in solitude, to invite the freedom that lies within limitation and ask ourselves how you want to emerge from this. What is that needs to die in you in order to receive what you long for most in the moments you feel in your bones something has to change if you want to continue the life you call your own?

Join us in our base camp in the Eifel next to the stream at the edge of the forest for an immersion in autumn, season of colours and letting go. Our time will be marked by the start of the deer rut, the mating season that brings the sounds of antlers clashing and stags bellowing to the forest. A reason to get out there in itself!

Is a solo physically too demanding for you?

We have one space available for a solo in a chika, a beautiful and simple wooden hut with sliding doors that gives you the opportunity to still be outside but with a little bit more support. You can see the chika here: https://gondea.de/chika/

Our base camp is located at:
-80 km from Cologne
-200 km from Brussels
-300 km from Amsterdam 

Guidance: Lien De Coster (Leaves of Lien) 
Support: Sabrina (Zaia) Hoffmann (Gondea)

500 euro, budget
800 euro, regular
850 euro, chika solo

More information and enrolment www.leavesoflien.com/wilderness-solo

We have a maximum of six places and will set up base camp in a way that we take into account Covid 19.